Pure Shakti Yoga

Shakti Assouline is a master meditation trainer who has led meditation and Yoga Nidra trainings for Exubrancy, Pure Yoga, Om Factory, Yogamaya, Stanton Street Yoga, The Bhakti Center, and 4th Street Yoga. She has studied under many meditation masters, including direct disciples of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the creator of Yoga Nidra.

"Three things have changed my life; doing Yoga Nidra with Shakti is one of them." - Vice President of Fortune 500 company

"Shakti is an excellent teacher – thoughtful, thorough, clear, sincere though with levity and humor as well." - Ellen Mossman, CMT, BCST, VCSW, www.craniosacralwork.com

"Shakti makes meditation easy and useful, even for a businessman."
- Senior Associate of Fortune 200 company

CEO of Next Jump, Charlie Kim, recently requested a technique created by Shakti to be implemented by all Yoga Nidra teachers who lead daily meditation classes for Next Jump employees.